Thank you for taking the time to see if you qualify. We offer different Rent to Own- RTO or Lease option programs. They are easy to qualify for and allows YOU TO PICK THE HOUSE YOU WANT TO RENT. 




550 credit score or higher 

No evictions

No felonies 

No attack dogs - Rottweiler , pit bulls,  Doberman, or mastiffs 

2 months equal in rent - as deposit ( refundable if you decide not to buy less any damage ) 

Pet deposit  -$300 per pet

50k or more per year 

W-2 income - last 2 years 

1099 income - tax returns - with profit and loss statement 

5%?increase per year of the previous year price. 

Example: purchase price $200k plus any items you noted in your make ready checklist - example you wanted the carpet replaced. Of that cost is $3k then that would be added to the $200k. Your deposit will be a credit to you at closing towards closing cost or down payment. Any questions so far? 

If you can buy in first year you would pay 5% above  the $200k if that was your final price including the carpet in this case. $210 would be what the new purchase price would be. 

If you buy in second year it would be 5% above the $210k or $220, 500.  This would be the case for up to the 5 year max lease term. Make sense?? 

Great, What I will do is send you a link that will have the application on it.  You will sign up using the log in which will be your email and a password that will be in the email. If you have any questions you can call my office at 720-943-1701 and I will be happy to help. 

This is a great " try before you buy" scenario but with a house.  Why keep renting old houses.  This program allows you to pick the house you want and have a CASH BUYER give you the best shot a getting into a house with only 2 months deposit down.